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SKYPRO static rope with fall arrester and shock absorber SP ALUSTOP 2

Code: 19.260/3M
from €89,10 / pcs from €73,64 excl. VAT

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Positioning set with locking device and two carabiners for work positioning.

Detailed information

Délka: 10m
In stock - Prague (2 pcs) | 19.260/10M
Delivery to: 24/05/2024
€133,55 / pcs
€110,37 excl. VAT
Délka: 5m
In stock - Prague (2 pcs) | 19.260/5M
Delivery to: 24/05/2024
€100,67 / pcs
€83,20 excl. VAT
Délka: 3m
In stock - Prague (1 pcs) | 19.260/3M
Delivery to: 24/05/2024
€89,10 / pcs
€73,64 excl. VAT
Délka: 4m
In stock - Prague (2 pcs) | 19.260/4M
Delivery to: 24/05/2024
€94,99 / pcs
€78,50 excl. VAT
Délka: 7m
In stock - Prague (1 pcs) | 19.260/7M
Delivery to: 24/05/2024
€103,92 / pcs
€85,88 excl. VAT
Délka: 14m
In stock - Prague (2 pcs) | 19.260/14M
Delivery to: 24/05/2024
€137,61 / pcs
€113,73 excl. VAT

Product detailed description


Manual shortening brake made of light alloy for working positioning - AL carabiners, the most used and very popular device on the market, at the end of the rope there is an auxiliary loop for attaching to the harness (the last number in the code corresponds to the length of the additional rope, e.g. for a 17 m rope the code would be 19.260.17)

Colour: black
Length: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 10m and more according to your wish
Maximum load capacity: 100kg
Rope diameter: 12mm
Lifetime from first use: 10 years
Certification: EN 358, EN 1891

Additional parameters

Category: Mobile fall arresters
Objem: 15ltr

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FD Avatar of author | 22/04/2024
Nejsem horolezec, ale pro práce na šikmé střeše perfektní, rychlá manipulace, spolehlivé zabrždění, i za deště, mohl jsem se na to na spolehnout i na okraji střechy když jsem potřeboval obě ruce volné.

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